Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tea for Thomas

My main man in Chicago, Thomas Conner, aka TC, aka Tea See, has begun blogging about one of his passions — of which he has many — tea. He blogs at Tea Squared, which means (maybe) that however much you love tea, you'll now love it twice as much, knowing Thomas is in the teahouse.

One of his ideas, in pursuit of said passion, is to open up a teashop in a remote (not really) corner of Europe that loves its tea but doesn't seem to show it in a retail fashion. (No, it isn't Byzantium. I mean, Constantinople. I mean, Istanbul.) I hope he gets his wish. Not anytime soon, 'cause that'd mean the Sun-Times did, in fact, fold and thus set its people out into the world of the un-Sunned.

But ... maybe that's not such a terrible idea. Let's steep on it.