Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hands down

I like my hands in the kitchen. I like tongs, a lot, but my hands — short of handling heat — make a good set. I seed tomatoes with them, and pit cherries. Dare I say, there's nay a better cherry pitter than two hands. They're good for mixing up Tuscan bread salad, and for screening the white of an egg from the yolk. It slips mysteriously, magically through my fingers, leaving a globe of gold. I grip hard the pestle as I grind salt and garlic in the bowl of a mortar. I hope that's as close to war as I ever get. I like to dig my hand in a bag of basmati. What a feeling. I enjoy running my fingers tightly up a stem of thyme to free the leaves. Dry fingers, here, work better than wet. I like to pinch salt. I like to punch dough. Pasta is on, off I go.

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