Saturday, July 11, 2009

Basil aplenty

If you're growning basil, it's probably starting to do its thing. In our feeble garden, it's the only thing that is. We didn't plant the tomatoes deep enough, don't have the thumb for sage, needed a new rosemary bush when ours withered. We grew radishes and got six. Wee, slender things, more like suggestions of radishes. The carrots, well, the carrots ...

Coupla things for basil: In pasta, we love a sauce made from fresh lemon juice (and some of the zest), olive oil and a generous heap of Parmesan. The cheese tends to melt into the vinaigrette, with the acid licking away at the lactate. Tear some basil leaves and throw it into that.

Another pasta, I got out of Jamie Oliver's Italian book. It's from the area of Trapani, out on the western tip of Sicily. The sauce relies on tomatoes, basil - 4 handfuls - and almonds. Cheese, of course.

If you have a good source for lamb chops, marinate them in a vinaigrette of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard and basil leaves. Season with salt and pepper before grilling. Lush.

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