Sunday, June 7, 2009

Now we're cookin'

Update to the previous post, where I was detailing my big Sunday grill fest.

I went to the counter, near the window, to grab the shrimp skewers and heard a crackling noise, a loud enough one for me to think the grill had run amok.

I went out and found a fire, all right, but not on the H-B. The deck was aflame! I'd tossed a piece of smoldering cherry wood (it flavored the chorizo link oh so well …) onto the ground, up against the lattice work. Wind and heat did the rest. A tidy little fire of, oh, four feet was beginning to take wings.

Sometimes irony is a beauty. This one was: Kelly walking across the lawn, oblivious, with a 5-gallon bucket of water in her hand. The kids were likewise unawares.

And this, I'm thinking, this is how insurance claims begin.

Alors, bon appetit.

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