Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gin men

I finally got around to trying Broker's Gin. Very classic stuff. London Dry style through and through, distilled near Birmingham.

But I'm actually more enamored with Martin and Andy Dawson than I am their gin. I'm inspired, and now considering who among my fabled crew would be loony enough to toss it all aside and start distilling gin with me?

I like the Broker's site, too — it doesn't look like the lads have any friends who own design firms. It isn't polished one bit, and it has a goofy jokes section, for good measure:

A kangaroo goes into a bar and orders a gin and tonic.
Bartender: "It's 15 quid ... I must say, we don't see many kangaroos in here."
Kangaroo: "I'm not surprised. Fifteen quid for a gin and tonic!"

Have to love that.


  1. You could probably talk me into it.
    There are an increasing number of regional gins up here in the Northwest. Dry Fly, from Spokane, is the only one I've enjoyed so far, but apparently several others have product in the pipeline. Washington recently changed the law to allow smaller distillers some of the same business opportunities as wineries:

  2. i know, i know. i talked to dry fly's kent fleischmann, on murray's rec. get this: they use their award-winning vodka as the basis for their gin.

  3. I'm in. I don't have a retirement to risk. If I'm going to have to work until I drop dead, I'd like to drop dead near a still.