Thursday, March 5, 2009

Suits me fine

I’ve decided to begin wearing a suit of clothes a least once a week, having bought one for the first time in a decade, the previous 10 years being not suited to suits, a la mode.

Alongside it, I’m thinking I’ll shake martinis twice — probably Tuesday and Friday, like my man Denny Byrne, but I’m not going to hold myself to it. The two days, yes, the Tuesday and Friday, not so sure. I like a bit of spontaneity, still. And then there’s Thursday, when Lou and the crew do Zig Zag in Seattle, where Murray Stenson pulls magic from bottles. So, Thursday and ... Sunday.

One thing I need, though, is shoes. I have to get a new pair of shoes. I did it with my olives — settling once and for all, for now, on Santa Barbara — and now I shall turn my attention to shoes. I like the pair Matthew Goode wore to the London premiere of “Watchmen.” Them are shoes, I’m tellin’ ye.

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