Saturday, March 28, 2009


The bresaola was, well, disastrous. My results do not indicate the art of the cure on any level. Not a big deal, but so much time, down the drain. Alas.

Bresaola is an Italian (Lombardy) wine-and-salt cured preparation. After a couple of months in its bath and subsequent air drying, the beef - sometimes a fillet, if one is luxurious, but more often top round - emerges supple, ruby red, and ready for a loaf of bread, olive oil and lemon drizzle.

Mine turned out all salt. I followed the recipe strictly, figuring I had enough unpredictable elements to deal with already in curing my own raw beef. What resulted was not soft and succulent; rather, lunar in its appearance, rock-like to the touch, and salty enough to survive a century. I'm considering powdering it and adding pepper, for my own beefy seasoning mix. There's enough salt here to melt the polar caps.

Basically, I have about two pounds of jerky on my hands.

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