Monday, January 26, 2009

Boar's head

I've now two brine buckets going - one in the fridge handling a cow's tongue, one in the garage managing a pig's head. The pig's head is the more daunting of the two, largely for its girth. I don't even know if it'll fit in the pot.

Johnny Phillips - Mr. Chalkboard, for those who may recall - brought the head over from a respectable butcher in Fayetteville. I plan to do them both honor with a salad, of sorts, that'll make use of the cheek, tongue and ear meat.

Stay tuned.

(I owed you one on the pork belly that sat for a week inbrined. Slow-roasted on a bed of onions with a mere splash of olive oil, I must say it was quite transcendental. And cheap. Feel free to substitute it in your own version of the Seven-Day Adventurist diet. Another episode of that coming soon …)

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